Kick Off meeting an election of the managing board

On 22 February the second funding period of the PhD programme “online participation” was officially opened up by a Kick Off meeting of all members of the faculty, the practitioners and the new cohort of PhD students. The focus of the meeting was primarily to get to know each other as well as getting the future work in the context of the PhD programme organized.

The members of the PhD progranne online participation met for the first time in new formation.

After the workshop the members of the PhD programme had a general meeting to elect the managing board. The new managing board consists of

  • from the group of professors: Prof. Dr. Stefan Conrad, Prof. Dr. Christiane Eilders, Prof. Dr. Harald Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Martin Mauve, Prof. Dr. Katrin Möltgen-Sicking and Prof. Dr. Stefan Süß,
  • from the group of practitioners: Stephan Bernoth (City of Moers), Achim Hertzke (BUND) and Marc Schäfer (wer|denkt|was)
  • from the group of PhD students: Andreas Braun, Nicole Najemnik and Christopher Niederelz.
Members of the Managing Board
The newly elected members of the managing board (from left to right): Achim Hertzke (BUND), Marc Schäfer (wer|denkt|was), Christopher Niederelz, Prof. Dr. Harald Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Katrin Möltgen-Sicking, Prof. Dr. Martin Mauve, Nicole Najemnik, Prof. Dr. Stefan Süß, Prof. Dr. Christiane Eilders, Andreas Braun.

Finally the members of the managing board met to vote for the the chairman and vice-chairmen. Prof. Dr. Martin Mauve was confirmed as chairman; as vice-chairmen Prof. Dr. Harald Hofmann and Prof. Dr. Katrin Möltgen-Sicking were elected.