The PhD programme is focused on the research projects of our PhD students – their synopses can be found here. In addition further projects are pursued in the context of the PhD programme’s research theme. These include:

  • “Monitor Online-Participation NRW” – Currently we are working on a complete survey of internet-based public participation processes on the municipal level in North Rhine-Westphalia, which will be registered in a freely accessible database (further information).
  • Fortschrittskolleg research seminar – In the context of this series of seminars we regularly invite academics to discuss research that are relevant for the utilisation of the internet to enable citizens to have an impact on political and administrative decisions they consider important (further information).
  • YOUniversity – online participation for university courses – YOUniversity is a student-led projects that aims to establish an online platforms that allows students and faculty to discuss and shape structure and content of their university courses. It is currently piloted within selected courses at the University of Düsseldorf (further information).