Colloquium „Practice of online participation“ in the summer term 2015

The Internet offers versatile opportiunities allowing citizens to participate in political decisions. At the same time the practical implementation of participation processes is demanding. In the context of the colloquium selected experts, who initiate or make use of online participation processes, report on their experiences.

This year political participation on the municipal level is in the focus of interest. For this purpose we invited several practitioners of the PhD programme. The speakers represent different actors in municipal participation processes and report on techniques used by them, the goals and the results of these processes, and the chances as well as difficulties connected with the use of the Internet for public participation.

The colloquium takes place every Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in building 25.22 in room U1.34. The event is public; registration is not required.

Date Title of the presentation Speaker
2st May Wann funktioniert kommunale Bürgerbeteiligung im Internet (nicht)? (Video) Dr. Oliver Märker
28th May Vom Leuchtturm zur Erleuchtung: Ansätze kommunaler E-Partizipation mit der DIALOG BOX (Video) Julia Kleber
11th June Online-Partizipation als Bestandteil einer neuen Beteiligungskultur: Erfahrungen und Perspektiven der Stadt Köln (Video) Jürgen Behrendt
Stadt Köln
18th June Integrierte und nachhaltige Bürgerbeteiligung: Das Partizipationsportal der Stadt Bonn (Video) Dirk Lahmann
Stadt Bonn
25th June Was macht man mit einem Flughafen?
Das Beteiligungsportal des Landes Berlin (Video)
Daniel Reichert
Liquid Democracy e.V.
2nd July Partizipation All Inclusive kontra Clicktivism:
BUND-Kampagne „Zeigen Sie Zähne gegen TTIP!“
Achim Hertzke
BUND Gütersloh
9th July Open.NRW & Online Partizipation in Nordrhein-Westfalen (Video) Björn Fleischer
Open.NRW / Innenministerium NRW

The colloquium is funded by the central funding scheme “Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel” of the Heinrich-Heine University and organised by the PhD programme “Online-Partizipation”. This years’s colloquium proceeds the series of events started in the winter term 2012/13. A summary of the previous guests can be found here (2012/2013) and here (SoSe 2014).