First Workshop in 2020

The members of the PhD programme Online Participation came together on 31 January for their first workshop in 2020. The first part of the meeting gave the newly joined PhD students the opportunity to present their projects to the audience. In the lunch break, the four study groups of the programme which were set up […]

Fourth Annual Meeting of the Strategic Network “Online Participation”

On 10 and 11 Oktober 2019 the members of the strategic network “Online Participation” met at their fourth annual meeting. This time they came together at the Center for Digital Change at the University of Hildesheim. This years’s event was titled “Local – National – Transnational: Expectations, Potencies and Boundaries of Online Participation on Different […]

First Workshop of the PhD programme in 2018

The members of the PhD programme “Online Participation” met at their first workshop in 2018 on Friday, June 08. The event was mainly dedicated to discuss the evaluation of the programme in the context of a potential extension of the funding period. Furthermore some of their new research findings were presented by the PhD students.

Workshop of the PhD programme

On 10 March 2017 the first workshop of the PhD programme was organized this year. This time the members of the programme met in the ‘Forum des Austauschs’ at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. Two aspects were in the center of the event: On the one hand the organizers of online participation processes were examined. In this context several […]

Strategic workshop “Online Participation in Decision Making Processes” in Berlin

What is the key feature of online participation in the context of decision making processes? Which gaps in research exist in the sphere of online participation? Which publication venues are there to publish research projects? Among others these question were discussed by roughly 40 scientists on October 5th in Berlin. The strategic workshop “Online Participation […]